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Can't breathe
Can't breathe through my nose at all now. Thats with taking medicine to help with the congestion and stuffiness. I think I need an antihystamine, but that would put me to sleep and we have company coming over.

My nose is so bad that even standing or sitting up isn't helping. Anyone have a suggestion? Doing the liquids, tried steam, hot bath, shower, tea.... I'm beat! I wish my head was clear enough to get some homework done. :-/

Death 2
Although this isn't about another death, I couldn't think of a subject for the post.

This extends to Ethan whom has left this world.


They have been covering the story. They are removing any harsh comments on the articles that do the blame game as it has upset a lot of the family members. The point is a child has died by a freak accident and it hits us hard to lose a child. Especially one that was so bright, respectable and outgoing.

The topics if you search are 7 year old boy injured by exercise equipment, another about the actual death at a fitness center and the newest one on the main page recalling how wonderful he was.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support. I've never seen our family become so depressed and stressed out over death like this. This incident has hit us hard and we've all been so tired, unable to sleep, barely eating and aren't even picking up after ourselves. You can tell how miserable we are, but our friends and family have been there for us to help out and we can't stress our thanks enough to all of you.


December '07 - My Mere-mere (grandmother) old-age/kidney failure
January '08 - Jake's Grandfather - cancer
February '08 - Tray's Grandmother - cancer
March '08 - Jacey McWilliams - murdered
June '08 - Aunt Sandy - suicide

And now October, Jake's newphew Ethan whom was only six years old has died.

The grieving process ensues, but the jumbled amount of deaths has turned my head into much chaos to the point I feel numb at times.

It sucks. They told me if I was still having pain on the medication to give them a call for something stronger. I did and they tell me thats the strongest and don't think they can give me anything else, but she will ask when she sees the doctor just in case.

How nice.. Now I feel like crap for even asking.

My big problem is that I puked. So it caused me to strain some muscles and made it ache more. I was just going to try and deal with it, but the current med is also giving me a throbbing headache whenever I take it as well.

My arm is itchy also. The one that had the iv for stuff. I put some hydrocortizone and that seems to be relieving the itch. I had some -what looked to be broken capularies? Those little red dots on your skin. In a few places. It could have been because I keep scratching though. They didn't say anything about a rash or itchiness from the anesthesia so I dunno if I should even bother to mention it now. Considering they really don't seem to care.

Oh yeah, the care at Heywood Hospital isn't that great. I had some trouble waking up from the procedure, but the nurse kept shaking me cause they needed to get me out so someone else could have the room. Which is why I think I got sick in the first place. I wasn't ready to be awake and told to eat and drink something. I went home, walked from the car to inside and I threw up. Had massive shakes and pain and everything after that. Quite traumatizing. Actually, whenever I attempt to think about being in the hospital and what happned, I get massive anxiety and panick attacks. Maybe thats normal?

I mean, everything went well otherwise. So I was told. But to be rushed out of the hospital like that. I think thats the thing that bothers me the most when I think about it. The nurses kept saying that they needed the room for someone else and they needed to get me going. Who the hell rushes someone when they just had anesthesia. Oh yeah, go take care of yourself at home. At least I was in my own environment in agony. Believe me, it was not a pretty sight. I intend to complain when my head is much clearer.

Crap, I think I am traumatized from the experience. I don't even want to visit for my preop or see my regular doctor... Hopefully it'sjust the meds giving me that anxiety before they fullow kick in and make me go to sleep. The current thought of it makes me upset.

My paperwork states that my surgery is Friday. They just called me to confirm it for tomorrow. I was given the wrong date. I will be out of commission as of tomorrow. For how long, only time will tell. Love.


Oh yes, Jake had a wonderful gallbladder problem this weekend. Well, they think it's that or his liver. It's a good thing we didn't go up to NH. He was in quite the bit of pain!

Katie and Chris are now married. They surprised us this morning. Well, we found out when we got back from the doctors.

And I get to go on a random girl's night.

Surprises galore!

Just a note
Watched two new movies recently.

December Boys and Driving Lessons. Driving Lessons is waaaay better than December Boys and I couldn't stop laughing. I think it's because of the Brit humour. I love it!

Survey time!
Fill it out in a comment, if you dare! Mwuah ha ha ah haaaa!

1) Are you currently in a serious relationship?

2) What was your dream growing up?

3) What talent do you wish you had?

4) If I bought you a drink what would it be?

5) Favorite vegetable?

6) What was the last book you read?

7) What zodiac sign are you?

8) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.

9) Worst Habit?

10) If you saw me walking down the street, would you offer me a ride?

11) What is your favorite sport?

12) Do you have a pessimistic or optimistic attitude?

13) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?

14) Worst thing to ever happen to you?

15) Tell me one weird fact about you.

16) Do you have any pets?

17) What if I showed up at your house unexpectedly?

18) What was your first impression of me?

19) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?

20) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?

21) Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?

22) What color eyes do you have?

23) Ever been arrested?

24) White or red wine?

25) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?

26) What's your favorite place to hang at?

27) Do you believe in ghosts?

28) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

29) Do you swear a lot?

30) Biggest pet peeve?

31) In one word, how would you describe yourself?

32) Do you believe/appreciate romance?

33) Do you believe in God?

34) Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?

Best Moments
Some of the best moments in my life have been spent within the company of good friends.

Today, Tray, Rin and I got together and spent an unusual amount of time together. We even went to a bar for the first time with just the three of us. It was a bit odd at first, and of course it's a Tuesday, but the night held high expectations for cherishable moments with friends.

Give me my exam!
He said he set it up Thurs at 5pm. The exams run in increments of 24 hours. After that, we can't take it. I mentioned I wouldn't be home by then to even take it and other people expressed their discontent and job issues too. So he said he would redo it and set it for midnight tonight. Well, it's not there. I can't find it on the site. So if there is some fluke with me and other people could take it, I will get a zero unless he can fix something special which he said he wouldn't be able to.

Anyway, I don't think he ended up setting it up at all. At least, thats what I am hoping. I e-mailed him asking what to do and I haven't gotten a reply as of yet.

I have two sections of math to finish and to go over those questions in CIS that I skimmed the book to answer correctly. Other than that, my work is complete. I copied all of chapter 1 to works and printed out charts. I wrote down important facts as well. The exam is open note and I can only take it once. So I can look up the answers which is nice. I find that it helps drill it into my head that way. I did take the short quiz without notes and got a 100. Yay! I'm hoping a good majority will be multi choice. I don't mind typing stuff in, but it's just annoying after a while.

Funeral went well. Jake is avoiding everyone... Even me. He doesn't want to spend any time with me until I can't spend time with him. It's upsetting.

I'm gonna go make some tea me thinks.

I keep hearing about wonderful books that people are reading. It's inspiring me to read something but I don't know what. I like things that are well written and that I can relate to. I guess I'm more picky about how something is written though.

Anyone have any suggestions to get me started?


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